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Luxury Travel Concierge

Welcome and join us as we fulfill your travel needs and create lasting memories.


Call / Text: (725) 444-0402

Luxury Resort

Who We Are

We are ecstatic about the upcoming new year and welcoming you all back to what life has to offer. We look forward to assisting our guests with the utmost quality service, whether you plan on staying local and dining at favorite restaurants or traveling abroad and making magical moments.

Find out about Jonathan Taylor International, Our Team, Our Mission, and our Vision for our company, and what sets us apart from other luxury concierge companies.

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Services We Offer

Jonathan Taylor International provides full luxury travel advising, planning, hosting, and but not limited to:

Fine Dining

Restaurant Reservations

Seaside Villa



Professional Chef

Lifestyle Management Services

Catered Event

Corporate Concierge

Charter Jet

Private Travel Management 

Executive Security

Security Services

Night Club

VIP Event Access


Private Membership Options

Our Exclusive Membership

We at Jonathan Taylor International, offer a variety of membership options that are custom-tailored to each guest's needs. We focus on the detailed needs of what each guest is looking for, short or long term services aside, every request is specially curated with our white-glove service. Once a contact form is submitted we will begin the process of reviewing the application within 24 hours of submission, a representative will reach out to the guest prior to membership approval. Each membership option allows the guest to create custom travel packages.

Travel Blog

Follow us as we venture off with our guests to these special places and making these experiences memorable.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”


– Mahatma Gandhi

Guest Reviews

Jonathan takes the best care of me and my friends every time we're out in Vegas. We can always count on him for seamless entry into the clubs/pool parties and VIP treatment. On top of all that, he always helps with a dinner reservation at any restaurant (literally even when there aren't any openings, he always has a contact to get us in).

He's truly the best! 

Nicolette B.

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